Dragado infra international is a world player for heavy engineering, dredging and marine related and environmental projects. Both in the design and execution phase the key activities are executed by the company’s in-house engineers using our own equipment. By combining such diverse activities dragado group can offer an overall package and execute large-scale projects from start to finish.

Next to our technical expertise, the financial strength of dragado is also amajor asset. Dragado, as a company, was established at Hyderabad as a civil engineering construction company and thanks to the pioneering entrepreneurial spirit,the top of the international dredging industry and with its forward roiling expansion policy with res-pect to its new dredging fleet capacity, is unequaled.

  • Dragado group executes dredging, reclamation and marine-related works, of any kind, size or nature, including capital dredging and maintenance works in ports,harbors, rivers, etc.
  • Reclamation of ports and industrial areas.
  • Rock dredging in open sea conditions.
  • Dredging of shore approaches and trenches for offshore pipelines and outfalls.
  • Sand wave dredging in open sea (pre-sweeping).
  • Pipeline stabilization and protection by rock dumping.
  • Coastal defense by means of beach replenishment.
  • Oil recovery and cleansing operations.
  • Dredging, treatment and disposal of contaminated soils.
  • Specialized alternative dredging methods to reduce or avoid the environmental impact of marine-related works.
  • Salvage and heavy lifting.